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Five years on: How Petya ransomware changed cybersecurity forever

Five years after Petya, Webroot's Nick Emanuel looks at the mechanics of ransomware and how it has changed since Petya's inception, and the practical impacts the malware has had on the cybersecurity industry.


The rise of ransomware 2.0

2020 has seen a rise in the number of ransomware attacks, from infostealers, PDF attachments, and Excel formulas. What are some of the trends businesses should be aware of?


Why phishing and ransomware should be at the top of your c-suite's security concerns

With research showing bad actors are focusing more on ransomware and phishing, what is the link between phishing and ransomware and why will they continue to be prominent threats in 2021?


4 predictions for security in 2021

In a year where CISOs faced constant challenges, next year promises to find them juggling risk and reward as they present the way forward to their boards.


Back-up and running: How businesses can protect their data in a world full of risk

With the threat of a ransomware attack greater than ever, how can businesses protect their data as they prepare to return to the office?


Security lessons from across the pond: local government ransomware attacks

After the rise in ransomware attacks on US local governments this year, F5's David Warburton looks at steps UK organisations can take to avoid similar scenarios in 2020.

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