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Removing security complexity to combat cyber threats

Businesses are struggling with an overwhelming, and increasingly complex and confusing cyber world. Ian McShane, Field CTO at Arctic Wolf looks at how cyber simplicity is the key for businesses to move forward with their security...


UK businesses struggle with cyber threats

The 3 key threats that UK businesses should watch out for are geopolitical hacking, vulnerable developer environments, and machine identity outages. Each of these pose unique problems to business leaders that, if left unattended, can...

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Human vigilance vital in tackling enterprise vulnerability

Sophos Senior Vice President Asia Pacific Japan Gavin Struthers discusses regional ransomware trends and the need for heightened global vigilance.


Cyber prevention or mitigation… Why can’t it be both?

The technology market today is being flooded with security solutions from across the globe that claim to be unique and practically unbeatable. But when it comes to defence, do you prioritise attack prevention or damage mitigation?


Is business acumen now more vital for a CISO than security knowledge?

The days when security was only important to financial services and defence organisations are long gone, and with hefty fines and reputational damage having a devastating impact on businesses – board members are starting to take note...


What's the difference between cybersecurity and information security?

While most businesses have robust cybersecurity precautions in place, many often lack a dedicated information security strategy, and are therefore at risk of losing valuable data. Understanding the differences between cybersecurity...


Cyber 101: Don’t blame it on the staff

More than 90% of cyber-attacks involve a human attack vector. However, despite an emphasis on cyber security training for years, employees still don't consider cyber security to be their responsibility. That doesn't mean we should...


SSE, SASE or CASB?: Spelling out the right security approach

Mike Schurict, SVP of Product Management at Bitglass, explains Security Service Edge and how it fits in with other cybersecurity concepts, such as SASE and CASB.


What will happen to cybersecurity in 2022?

Bernard Montel, EMEA Technical Director and Cybersecurity Strategist at Tenable, shares his predictions for the new year.


Security 2022: Prioritising ransomware & consolidation, and what to do about cyber insurance

As the effects of the pandemic continue and the world of work adjusts to the 'new normal', how will companies approach security in 2022, and how will they see the most value from their increased spend?


Tech infrastructure diversity holds the key to better security

Did the SolarWinds attack set a precedent for hackers to target companies that rely on Microsoft security infrastructure? Nat Kausik, Founder and CEO of Bitglass, explains why by splitting up the application stack and the security...


Extended detection and response (XDR): Which solution is best?

IT Central Station users review the highest reviewed solutions in the extended detection and response (XDR) market.


If you build it, they will come: Four steps to building a security operations centre that top talent wants to be a part of

In an age where junior analysts only stay at a job an average of 12 to 18 months, building an effective SOC means creating an environment that skilled workers are drawn to and has career staying power. Allistair Scott, Senior Security...

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