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Technology’s big tradeoff: complexity vs. conformity

The multiplicity of clouds, databases, microservices and containers alongside the infinite variety of converged and divergent services that exist in the typical enterprise IT stack are spiraling in their complexity - how we manage and...

Why software robots have a 'lifecycle' too

Software 'bots' form they key enabling functions in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) systems - although machine-based in form and structure, their existence is still subject to a human-like lifecycle that affords them a surprising...

The persistence of COBOL: why a 60-year old language is still in demand

It's not often in technology that something lasts more than a few years, let alone six decades as is the case with the COBOL programming language. We look at why the language is still so important and whether its going to fade away...

From chaos to automation: Testing times for software

Knowing how and to what extent an application has been put through testing provides insight into its performance, functionality and suitability for a given use case.

Why an automated, 'shift-left' approach to performance testing is crucial to success

The ability to empower their developers to work on COBOL applications with greater speed and confidence is crucial for business success.

Micro Focus ALM Quality Center and Tricentis qTest: Which is the best test management tool?

IT Central Station users review two top test management tools: Micro Focus ALM Quality Center and Tricentis qTest.

Tech Cynic: On a knife edge

Proposed solutions to the social distancing problem are coming thick and fast, all of them tech-based and concerning.

Why we need software intelligence 2.0

Software analysis company CAST calls for more granular examination of software components.

Appian goes 'full stack' on automation, with extra toppings

Low-code development company Appian has launched "full stack" automation, but not defined what automation would be in full stack terms - so Adrian Bridgwater has defined it from programmer to automation levels.

Automation Anywhere vs. Kryon RPA: Which is the best RPA solution?

IT Central Station users review Automation Anywhere and Kryon RPA, two of the leading solutions in the RPA market.

Upheaval in IT operations? How Dynatrace envisages AIOps and NoOps

As cloud infrastructure and software gets more and more complicated, APM vendors call for a reimagining of DevOps, with AIOps and NoOps rising to the fore.

Tech Cynic: I know your face

Police facial recognition cameras are to be rolled out across London in spite of legal and ethical objections.

Chinese domestic OS: What does it mean?

As China pushes ahead with plans to develop a domestic operating system, what effect will this have on its relationship with the US and the wider world?

Laying down pipelines: how the Continuous Delivery Foundation is working to simplify DevOps and CI/CD

Implementing CI/CD can be a monumental task when it comes to implementing a strategy and selecting tools. The Continuous Delivery Foundation is looking to make that whole process a little easier.

Software development and AI are set to change the way we work in 2020

Predicting the future is notoriously difficult, and experts are especially bad at it—but the future is unevenly distributed. Leading-edge activity in AI and software gives us a glimpse of where they might end up.

Sonatype Nexus Lifecycle and WhiteSource: Buyer's guide and reviews October 2019

Discover what real IT Central Station users think of software composition analysis solutions.

One Identity Manager and SailPoint IdentityIQ: Buyer's guide and reviews June 2019

Discover what real IT Central Station users think of user provisioning software solutions.

Infosys adds French polish via tennis tech

Services firm's sponsorship showcases technologies

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