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Has tech-led remote care reached a tipping point?

The pandemic has accelerated tech delivered remote healthcare. CIOs and tech leaders believe new opportunities will benefit patients and providers.


News roundup: Twitter v Trump continues, Apple goes in-house for Mac chips, and the EU charges Amazon

A roundup of this week’s tech news, including Trump’s continued Twitter beef, a brand new Arm-powered series of Macs, and Tesla’s foray into tequila.


Building resilience: your fortune-teller in the Cloud

In the age of AI and ML, companies have entered a new paradigm of forecasting and modelling. Then the pandemic hit and the data that had fuelled these models became outdated and insufficient. How then, can businesses make informed...


News roundup: Ant IPO stumbles, Twitter moderates Trump, and a huge bitcoin seizure

A roundup of this week's tech news, including the world's biggest IPO fail, more Trump/tech giant beef, and 5G drones take to the skies.


Teach technology impact to all

Technology education has to be for each and every pupil, not just those that will craft IT, which in turn will benefit CIOs, organisations and society.

shutterstock 1121670800 01.10.20 friend or foe what role does technology play in the spread of fake

Friend or Foe - What role does technology play in the spread of fake news?

With fake news now seemingly a staple of digital life, we examine the role technology plays in promoting and prohibiting its spread.

shutterstock 309866561 02.10.20 could your iso certifications be at risk of lapsing due to covid 19

How will COVID-19 affect your ISO certifications?

Allowing your ISO certifications to lapse can lead to high re-certification costs and breach of contract; negatively impacting your business and client relationships.

Can European fintechs go global?

Achieving global scale in an era of competition and uncertainty.

Conceptual illustration of the convergence of disparate technology threads in a binary environment.

Defying gravity - are Britain's digital tech export set to boom?

Tech Nation predicts a 35% increase in British tech exports in the next 5 years. So what underpins this prediction?

Ansible and Chef: Which configuration management solution is better?

IT Central Station users review two top configuration management solutions: Ansible and Chef.

Autto wants to rev legal sector by automating rote tasks

UK startup with legal roots has a SaaS platform for removing dull human inputs from workflows

Tech Cynic - Would you trust AI with your life?

Watch out for the long stable horse mackerel

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