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Tech 2020: Hopes high Africa's first unicorn

Startups, incubation hubs, digital citizen registry and escalation of business intelligence will be tech factors that will dominate Africa's 2020.

European tech trends: Challenges as Brexit uncertainty continues into 2020

Challenges for European IT firms loom in the shape of economic headwinds, political uncertainty and… yes, Brexit.

Tech trends 2020: LatAm poised for growth despite political turmoil

Tumultuous political climate does little to dampen tech optimism across the region.

North American technology trends: All eyes on #election2020

The US tech industry is likely to both influence and be influenced by the presidential election in 2020.

2020: A bluffers' guide to what might happen in technology

Future-gazing is never achieved with 2020 vision but let's not have that stop us, eh?

Will blockchain leave crypto behind in 2019?

What can we expect from blockchain in 2019? Hint: It won't be boring

What will the future be for monitoring machine data in 2019?

Why the business relationship with data will go from "more, more, more" to "it's complicated"?

Security shape-up: 2019 probably won't be the year, but I hope it is

Will organizations finally get their security 'in shape' this year?

Databases 2019: what will happen in a hybrid, cloudy world?

What can we expect from databases in the year ahead, and why does the move to cloud matter?

What's next for tech in 2019?

Spiceworks' senior technology analyst reveals his tech predictions for 2019.

Everything you need to know about... tech

The best of our content explaining the latest tech trends and buzzwords

Tech trends: Winners and losers as changing attitudes shift policies in North America

2018 was an interesting year for IT in North America, but 2019 could easily trump it.

Tech Trends: Growth continues despite political and economic instabilities in LatAm

Latin America may have hit the headlines for the wrong reasons in 2018, but continued growth in the region's tech industry is expected in 2019.

Tech trends: Africa expected to charge ahead with mobile banking, blockchain & IoT in 2019

Mobile banking, Blockchain implementation, IT policies and a dawn for IoT systems will mark Africa's 2019 trends

Tech trends: AI, cloud, blockchain top agenda for Middle East in 2019

Digital transformation is on the horizon in 2019 for the Middle East as countries push plans to move away from economic dependence on oil and gas.

Tech trends: Asia set to come under the tech spotlight in 2019

What tech trends can we expect in Asia in 2019?

2019: A bluffers' guide to what might happen in technology

3D printing, 5G and other technologies will have their days in the sun next year. Possibly.

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