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News roundup: Dell-VMware spin-off, SAP unveils financial services unit, Alibaba faces record fine, semiconductor industry growth, and more

A round-up of this week's technology news, including Dell's spin-off of VMware, SAP's new financial services unit, a record fine faced by Alibaba, healthy growth in the semiconductor industry, and more.

Everything you need to know about… Digital transformation

Our roundup of the most important industry insight and expertise on the digital transformation.

Everything you need to know about… Automation

Our roundup of the most important industry insight and expertise on automation.

Digital twins: why virtual reality is critical to enterprise efficiency

We're increasingly seeing the development of digital twins, so what do they mean for businesses?

VMware talk about Kubernetes, edge computing, and the ever so difficult question of when to modernise

VMware have led discussions around virtualisation for many years, but as containers take the world by storm, the company is evolving to support them. We speak to VMware about its upcoming Kubernetes offering, Project Pacific, as well...

Buyer's Guide: Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) and XenApp

Discover what real IT Central Station users think of Remote Application Server solutions.

Buyer's guide to the top Service Virtualization tools

Real IT Central Station users review the top six service virtualization solutions.

Hypervisor control: The next phase in the security arms race?

Hypervisor-based virtualised application protection tools enhance security, but there may be unintended consequences

Vodkalisation: Five vodkas to drink with these virtualisation white papers

Your guide to Software-Defined alcohol appreciation.

Containers: Everything you need to know

We take a look at what containers are, the options available and whether they’ll ever replace virtual machines

The real meaning of… Virtualisation

The great legend of virtualisation demystified

Exploding the myths of business-critical application virtualisation

What your IT department does, and doesn’t, need to be concerned about when it comes to business-critical application virtualisation.

Top Tips: Teaching your employees about virtual servers

Top tips to transform your office into a virtual server paradise

Top Tips: Ensuring a successful VDI deployment

Five practices to take into consideration when deploying your VDI

Seeing Gaudi's Casa Batlló through augmented reality

A visit to Barcelona’s Casa Batlló was brought to life with augmented reality. We chat with Gary Gautier, Director General at Casa Batlló to find out more.

Top Tips: Best practices for a high performance VDI deployment

How do you ensure a successful VDI deployment?

Virtual Reality (part 1): Where we stand in 2015

We catch-up with a team of experts to learn more about the future of Virtual Reality

Sensors galore: The golden age of engineering data?

Is the golden age of engineering data nearly upon us?

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