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Is the cybersecurity skills gap finally shrinking?

(ISC)2’s 2020 Cybersecurity Workforce Study reveals only 18% of respondents reported an increase in cybersecurity incidents in the switch to home working.

shutterstock 1670874856 05.10.20 how the tech industry offers huge opportunities for the unemployed

How the tech industry offers huge opportunities for the unemployed

Many people are facing redundancy as a result of the economic challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic, but there are plenty of opportunities awaiting them in the tech sector.

IT is facing a mental health crisis - how can it be fixed?

As technology teams face growing pressures, they're increasingly suffering from poor mental health. Here's how employers can tackle this growing issue.

Rotageek CEO leans on a medical past to schedule better

Chris McCullough founded workforce scheduling firm Rotageek after working for the UK NHS in A&E.

A shed-head's guide to Working From Home

The current crisis has made WFH even more of a mainstream activity but what are best practices?

How technology can help mental health in the workplace

Technology is typically seen as a primary cause of stress in the workplace. Here's how it's being used to help employees thrive.

How to win friends - can using social tools really stimulate productivity at work?

Social media is supposed to undermine productivity not enable it, so can social tools really make a positive difference to the workplace?

How UK's tech sector can support mental health in the workplace

On World Mental Health Day, tech experts share their advice on looking pushing forward better mental health for employees.

Are four-day working weeks sustainable in the tech sector?

As many businesses continue to implement shorter working weeks for employees, we explore the potential in the technology sector.

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