Debunking digital transformation and emphasising the employee experience

Research reveals that most digital transformation strategies fail, primarily because the employee experience and productivity is overlooked. Can a more people-centric approach improve digital transformation efforts?


Secret CSO: Will North, MHR International

What advice would you give to aspiring security leaders? “Make sure you understand how attackers are compromising other organisations. If you don’t know how an attacker would compromise you, how can you protect yourself.”


Streaming gives opera a new stage

Hit hard by the pandemic, streaming is a lifeline for the arts, but requires technology infrastructure investment.


CTO Sessions: Simon Wilson, Aruba

How do you align your technology use to meet business goals? “First you have to understand the business goals and that means listening to the different parts of the business and their daily challenges.”


Estonia tech sector further widens e-services scope

The former Soviet nation of Estonia has celebrated its 30-year restoration of independence anniversary in 2021 and has done so with a digitally-empowered economy where government e-services outpace and outshine many (if not most) of...


C-suite career advice: Brian Dye, Corelight

What are the three skills or abilities you look for in prospective candidates? “Cultural fit is king. In organisations with strong cultures, alignment here dictates long term success both for the person and for the company...”


Beginning a more mature conversation about cybersecurity

No system is invulnerable to breaches. So how can businesses withstand any storm and thrive regardless of a threatening landscape? Creating institutional cyber-resilience is ultimately more important than any other measure a company...


CIO Spotlight: Craig Donald, The Football Association

Are you leading a digital transformation? If so, does it emphasise customer experience and revenue growth or operational efficiency? “We are on a digital transformation journey that started three years ago and will become a way of...


Skyflow shoots for stars with plan to fix Web privacy

A Silicon Valley startup wants to use the API economy to simplify security.


4 tech trends reviving the open data ecosystem

As companies collect massive amounts of data to understand their customers and make better informed business decisions, they must glean meaningful insights from dozens, albeit thousands, of different data sources and in multiple...


Secret CSO: Alan Osborne, Paysafe

What conferences are on your must-attend list? “I would advise anyone to be really thoughtful with any conferences they attend - you can make a career out of attending these (and dinners!), but ask yourself if you will really get...


HYCU seeks to give backup a new simplicity

Boston-based HYCU wants to make enterprise data recovery iPhone-style ease of use.


CTO Sessions: James Lloyd, Redox

What has been your greatest career achievement? “Building a fully-remote, digital company when it wasn’t popular or generally thought feasible.”


The rise of the Data Fabric - Has the data lake run its course?

Data lakes and data warehouses are still useful, but it’s time to take a new approach to data management.


C-suite career advice: Michael Garrett, Omada

How important are specific certifications? “Provided they are of high quality and good recognition then they are really helpful both for the individual to demonstrate their level of competence but also for an employer to know...”