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Guided Hands-on Lab-Learn how to deliver Disaster Recovery and Cyber Resilience with Zerto, on the IBM Cloud (French)

Provided by IBM & Zerto

Type Event

Publish Date May 16 2019


The Zerto on IBM Cloud™ service, integrates replication, disaster recovery and Cloud mobility into the VMware virtual deployment offering to protect, recover and make you more agile in the IBM Cloud. IBM's hands-on labs team is with you every step of the way to enable you to sit down and experience a live deployment of Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) and work with it as if it were a real production deployment. 

Why should DR matter to you?

65%* of executives surveyed, say there is a direct link between IT Disruption, brand image and lost revenue. 

At this event, IBM will not only showcase the benefits of the DR platform with the IBM Cloud but, also give you a pre designed environment to replicate files in your environment or the cloud with our technical engineers on-site, to help you navigate with ease .

BENEFITS of DR on the IBM Cloud : 
• Single Click Deployment from the “IBM Cloud for VMware” Portal
• Deployed on a VMware Cloud Foundation or vCenterServer for IBM Cloud environment
• Choose how to size your DR environment, whether an exact replica, or over-provisioned for cost efficiency
• Full access to Cloud vCenter-Full Bare Metal & Hypervisor Access – Delivering that Private Cloud look and feel
• There are no charges for inter-cloud traffic across the IBM Cloud backbone
• Flexible RPO & RTO options to suit your business needs
• Offered as an add on to any new or existing vCenterServer offering on the IBM Cloud

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