Security Awareness Training (Italian)

Provided by Proofpoint

Category Security

Type Webinar

Publish Date June 20 2019


92% of malware and scams use email as the main attack vector. Phishing and frauds based on C-Level impersonation don’t even need a malware payload, and rely on vulnerabilities of humans. People in your organization are the real target of the attacks, but they’re also the last line of defense, and need to be trained and educated on risks and techniques used by criminals. Regular training courses aren’t effective, because attack methods are very diverse and rapidly changing. This webinar presents data on the State of the Phish report from Proofpoint, shows examples of targeted email attacks and presents the Proofpoint Security Awareness Training, that exposes the employees to simulation of real-world examples of phishing and fraud email, tracks the effectiveness of the attack and deliver feedback and the right training topic to the right person, at the right time.


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