Business Management

A Guide For I&O Professionals : Sources Driving The Disruption Gap And How To Close Them

Provided by Snow

Category Business Management

Type White Paper

Length 11

Publish Date April 11 2018


At one time, not so long ago, building IT infrastructure and managing the software that runs on it was the sole the responsibility of the IT department. Budgets and control were largely centralized. There was alignment between the business and IT, if only because there was total reliance. But the world of IT procurement, provisioning and consumption has changed. SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and other service-based delivery models have enabled business units to own the purchase and consumption — but not necessarily the management and support — of critical business software. This trend towards self-determination is creating a gulf between the central IT function – the CIO – and the rest of the business. And this gulf is the Disruption Gap.

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