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Sunday Times Cybersecurity Special Report

Provided by Forcepoint

Category Security

Type Analyst Report

Publish Date February 27 2019


Read the Sunday Times Cybersecurity Special Report, published in The Sunday Times on 24 February, which covers a variety of themes such as cyber-resilient business, managing risk across a broad and interconnected attack surface, and challenges of compliance with data protection regulations.

The report emphasizes Forcepoint's view that cybersecurity should no longer be treated solely as an IT or compliance issue, but as the number one consideration for boardrooms across the globe.

Read the report for expert insights into:

  • Data regulation compliance: How have changes in legislation affected business?
  • Critical infrastructure risk: What’s at stake when critical systems experience a breach?
  • Industrial cyber espionage: How should businesses prepare for a potential ‘cyber cold war’?


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