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Publish Date March 12 2019


What you need from an IoT platform to optimally support your developers
The Internet of Things is about connecting assets and people in meaningful and efficient ways, in order to automate previously manual manufacturing processes and ultimately to create more value for the business.
However, organisations are only able to achieve this value if they develop IoT applications that work for their business objectives.
An essential basis for this development is a powerful open IoT platform that can be used to develop extensive IoT applications on the basis of open standards and interfaces.
In this Computerworld webcast in partnership with Siemens, you will find out:
- What an IoT platform ought to deliver for developers.
- Why IoT-optimized interfaces (APIs) are essential for application development.
- Why Siemens MindSphere provides you with a complete developer toolbox for the IoT and the associated individual industries.
- How to develop IoT applications and services quickly and cloud-agnostic with the out-of-the-box components of the Siemens MindSphere platform.


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