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Regulation and Compliance

How I Did It – Forcepoint’s CIO on GDPR Readiness

This white paper looks at the responses from Forcepoint’s CIO Meerah Rajavel on the steps Forcepoint took to ensure they became GDPR compliant.

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Business Management

Bullying: The Uncomfortable Truth About IT

IDG Connect research into bullying in the tech industry.

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Business Management

How ransomware can hold your business hostage

Discover how you can protect against hidden malware in encrypted traffic and safeguard your business against modern-day ransomware attacks

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Business Management

Big Data Solutions

This paper looks at the importance of having a powerful and flexible infrastructure to support your Big Data needs.

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Business Management

Quantifying the Economic Value of the IBM Storwize Family

This ESG paper provides a study of the economic value of IBM Storwize using Spectrum Virtualize.

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Business Management

Why Smart Organizations Maximize Application Performance 2016

Discover how to increase online revenue with faster applications. Learn more in the report: Why Smart Organizations Maximize App Performance.

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Business Management

Matching Speed of Business to the Right Level of Risk

This paper looks at the importance of investing in an authentication system that works with your business processes to best mitigate risks.

Business Management

Worldpay Consumer Behaviour and Payments Report 2016

This paper explores what consumers like and dislike about certain aspects of their shopping journey.

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Business Management

Preparing computer science students for graduation

There’s never been a better time to graduate with a degree in information technology or computer science.

Business Management

Are Energy and Utilities at Risk of a Major Breach?

BitSight analyzed thousands of organizations in the following industries: Finance, Federal Government, Retail, Energy/Utilities, Healthcare and Education. This report...

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Is your organization fully GDPR compliant?