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Business Management

Optimize Delivery of Business-Critical Apps to Branch Offices

Organizations of all sizes using wide area networks to connect their branch offices to their datacenter in order to deliver business-critical applications that their...

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Business Management

Effective Mobile Engagement Report 2016

Mobile devices are an established part of customers’ engagement with companies. Half of consumers are now using their mobile devices to research products or services...

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VM-Aware Storage for Dummies

There is a disconnect in your data center. You’ve virtualized your applications, and your teams are thinking and working in virtual machines (VMs). But your storage...

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A Cloud for Every Workload

Most organizations — whether they’re aware of it or not — are already using multiple clouds or are on the brink of doing so. Explore the best approaches to integrating...

Business Management

Reporting Cybersecurity to the Board: A CISO’s Go-To Guide

Boards need more information about cybersecurity than ever before. Do you know how to present it effectively? Cybersecurity briefings used to be considered inconsequential;...

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Next-Generation Data Platform for Hyperconvergence

The virtualized environments and hyperconverged systems of the first generation still need to evolve because they still have problems in terms of scalability, functionalities...

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Business Management

Securing Your Digital Transformation (Infographic)

Your digital business happens at the edge – customer endpoints, cloud and IoT. This creates new demands on your network, increases your attackable surface and opens...

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Video communication fosters innovation

Video technology promotes communication and co-operation in all sectors and of all sizes. Not only does it reduce or eliminate travel costs, but it opens new opportunities...

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Securing Modern Data Centers and Clouds

Sophisticated cyberattacks are increasingly able to invade and move laterally through data centers. Because of this frequency, the perimeters of most data centers...

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Are You a Security-First Organization?

The urge to prioritize compliance is understandable; after all, a breach may happen, but an audit will happen. A focus on avoiding penalties, a misunderstanding...



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