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Proven Practices for Upgrading or Migrating to Microsoft® SharePoint® 2016

Before organizations make the jump to Microsoft’s latest platform release, there are major points to take into consideration. What needs upgrading, how to actually...

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Ransomware: Unlocking the Lucrative Criminal Business Model

Ransomware has gone from being a niche attack to a widespread threat that is now affecting networks large and small. This paper examines the evolution of ransomware...

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Six reasons designers prototype

Find out why incorporating prototypes early in the design process is important.


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Micro-Segmentation Builds Security Into Your Data Center’s DNA

Most enterprise IT professionals agree that securing the network only at the perimeter is inadequate for today’s data centers. Once malware has managed to make its...

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Reinventing Data Masking

In a world of privacy regulation, intellectual property theft, and cybercrime, only a masking solution can secure vital data and enable outsourcing, third party...


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Seven Reasons Why Micro-Segmentation is Powerful to Have and Painless to Add

Attacks on the data center are increasing, and physical security appliances aren’t sufficient to stop them. Independent research shows that successful attacks are...

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Organisational Resilience Needs Strong IT Support

Risk is a perpetual force in every business environment, but the form it takes is constantly evolving and change can come from any number of environmental, political,...

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Wireless Defense Strategies in the IoT Era - Korea

Non-stop mobility, instantaneous network access, and a flood of new wireless devices, especially with the Internet of Things (IoTs) are the new norm for enterprise...

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9 Levels of Marketing Work Hell

Marketing teams are losing time to incessant productivity problems. Learn how to counter the inefficiencies. Get the eBook.

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Insights from the front lines of IT transformation

Many companies already have seen the benefits of embracing hybrid IT. Now, companies need the right service partner for execution and a source of advice throughout...

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