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Business Management

Testing SDN Networks

Moving to SDN-based networking is not without its challenges. Converting from a proprietary to an open system involves more moving parts, including controllers,...

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Business Management

Blue Coat Cloud Data Protection Gateway

For most organizations that haven’t already migrated to the cloud the efficiency, flexibility and cost benefits are often outweighed by data security and privacy...

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Business Management

Cisco HyperFlex Systems

Within IT organizations, applications dictate architecture and the evolving requirement have been responsible for continually changing relationships amongst storage,...

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Business Management

Clark Integrated Technologies Case Study

Despite creating an internally designed database that proved quite functional, it became too time-consuming to use as the company grew in scale, meaning too much...

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Business Management

2016 Cyberthreat Defense Report

The first two installments of the Cyberthreat Defense Report began the process of looking beyond major breaches and the never-ending evolution of cyberthreats to...

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Business Management

How to Manage IT Risk Like a Big Bank

Compliance and security issues keep banking and credit union IT professionals up at night. And for good reason. Security breaches and instances of non-compliance...

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Business Management

Data center workload buyers guide

IT decision-makers need to find ways to make the data centre environment more efficient and available. This paper introduces four common workloads and the challenges...

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Business Management

CyberEdge Defense Report Whitepaper 2016

The third-annual Cyberthreat Defense Report pursues this same objective: to inform the IT security community not so much about what the bad guys are up to, but rather...

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Business Management

A New Approach to Securing the Enterprise Network

The network is more important to a business than ever, it requires the adoption of a holistic – end to end, collaborative and transformative approach in network...

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Business Management

2016 Cyber Threat Defense Report

There’s arguably no greater motivating factor for continued investments in cyberthreat defenses than a successful cyberattack. This CyberEdge Group report explores...

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