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Most Effective Security Technologies and Practices: How to Disrupt the Business of Hacking

Discover how understanding the business of hacking and how cybercriminals profit can help you develop a successful security strategy. This report shows you:  The...

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Business Transformation Through Smarter Document Workflows

How to get started on your Digital Transformation?.  Digital Transformation is more than simply applying the next generation of technology to excisting processed....

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Can Machine Learning Prevent Application Downtime?

Business users expect immediate access to data, all the time and without interruption. But reality does not always meet expectations. IT leaders must constantly...

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Build Versus Buy: Customer Identity and User Management for Web and Mobile Applications

When you develop a web or mobile application, you’ll probably build some functions in house and use API services for others. User Identity is one such build vs....

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Crash Course: The IT Automation Revolution to Radically Simplify Higher Ed IT Ops

Higher Ed IT today reports to two masters – the need to keep existing systems running, and the intense desire to drive innovation. Unfortunately, there is only so...

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Hybrid Networks and Cloud Computing

The demand for cloud-based applications is continuing to grow as both consumers and businesses discover the benefits of hybrid cloud computing. This hybrid model...

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Software Defined Networks and the Role of Application Delivery Network Services

As a result there is a rapid adoption of the cloud computing model where resources can be deployed on-demand in a self-service manner. Cloud computing provides the...

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The Executive's Guide to Business Visibility: Analyzing

When it comes to your business visibility, it’s important to understand two things: “what’s already happened” and “what’s happening right now”. However, to truly...

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Getting Your IT Infrastructure Ready for the Digital Workplace

#GenMobile is the next-generation digital workforce that uses mobile devices in ways that are unconventional. Today, mobile devices are no longer simply for email...



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