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Should companies #DeleteFacebook?

When Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak announced that he had deleted his Facebook account and called on others to do the same, he became one of a number of high powered executives and influencers to end their relationship with the social media giant. In the wake of Cambridge Analytica’s use of Facebook data to influence political views, there has been increasing push back against the companies providing such social platforms, especially Facebook. People like Elon Musk have deleted not only their personal Facebook accounts but those of their business interests too. SpaceX and Tesla both no longer have Facebook accounts.

The moves have posed some difficult questions for the C-Suite, challenging them to decide whether this data controversy should be the impetus for a withdrawal from social networks such as Facebook.

Brennan Wilkie, SVP of CX (customer experience) strategy at CX feedback intelligence company, InMoment says that the Cambridge Analytica breach should not be viewed in either a corporate or policy vacuum; it is a matter of human relationships and trust.

“The perception that today's consumers will give away their personal data without regard to how or where it's used is absolutely false. In fact, research shows that today's citizens are more discerning and savvier about this issue than ever,” Wilkie says.


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Bianca Wright is a UK-based freelance business and technology writer, who has written for publications in the UK, the US, Australia and South Africa. She holds an MPhil in science and technology journalism and a DPhil in Media Studies.

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