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Everyone is talking about blockchain. It is called out by many as a ‘silver bullet’ and tipped to disrupt all kinds of industries, from the art world, to energy, to security. But can it really live up to the hype?

Here’s everything you need to know.


Blockchain for Dummies

Blockchain for dummies: What you really need to know

Read an interview with the author of ‘Blockchain For Dummies’ and download the first chapter as a PDF.


Discover ten top blockchain projects

Download chapter 19 from ‘Blockchain for Dummies’ courtesy of Wiley.


How to pick a blockchain

Download chapter 2 from ‘Blockchain for Dummies’ courtesy of Wiley


Can blockchain live up to the hype?


A CEO’s blockchain guide 2018

IDG Connect looks beyond the fluff and guff to how blockchain trends might pan out in 2018.


Hype vs. reality: The potential in blockchain

An attempt to make sense of the rabidly complex potential in the blockchain.


Public vs. private blockchains: It could all prove a bit like the cloud

The future of blockchain could be a blend of public, private and hybrid.


Windbags withstanding, blockchain isn’t a panacea for world ills

Despite the hype, blockchain isn’t the answer to every problem you’ve ever thought of.


Blockchain hype exposes areas to be wary about

Avaya’s John Young talks about the wide future of blockchain.


Blockchain disrupting industries


Five clear blockchain uses outside finance

We look at some of the areas tipped for blockchain disruption.


Paresh Davdra on fintech, blockchain and the future of banks

We speak to Paresh Davdra, co-founder and CEO of Xendpay and RationalFX, about blockchain and the future of fintech.


What can Blockchain bring to security?

Hema Krishnamurthy, VP of R&D at Guardtime talks Blockchain and security.


What is the potential for blockchain in Africa?

Blockchain is tipped to shake up industries across the globe… but the potential could be greatest in Africa.


Could blockchain unlock the potential in IoT?

Much hyped blockchain may help bring desperately needed security to IoT.


What does the future hold for blockchain?


IT consultancy provides perspective on the future of blockchain usage

A Q&A with digital IT consultancy Reply around the future of blockchain.


Xpenditure CEO: The impact of banks’ blockchain R&D will soon be felt

Boris Bogaert, Xpenditure CEO, talks blockchain R&D and the best in fintech.


IOTA: A blockchain for the Internet of Things

Yes, it's yet another blockchain startup… but this one might actually go the distance.


Blockchain market 101: A $7.74B tech & vendor potential

From IBM to Microsoft how is the blockchain market playing out?


First blockchain for business course offers initial step to certification

First free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on blockchain for business launched by Hyperledger.


Research: Does Asia lead in global blockchain implementation?

New research based on feedback from 7,381 global IT leaders looks at who is actually implementing blockchain technology


What should you know about the Chinese blockchain market?

As western businesses focus on the potential in Ethereum and IOTA to deliver smart contracts and the Internet of Things, Chinese equivalents are also emerging behind the scenes


Your blockchain questions, answered

Q&A: How might blockchain 2.0 pan out?

Toby Simpson, CTO at new startup Fetch, discusses how he is blending the best of Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) and Distributed Ledger technology.


Q&A: Could blockchain professionalize Gmail?

Dr. Florian Bersier, CEO and Founder of Gmelius talks about his new email service and how blockchain can make a difference.


Q&A: How can blockchain work with DNS?

Tim Favia of Donuts Inc. talks about investing at the intersection of blockchain and DNS


IT Careers: How to become a Blockchain Engineer

Luka Horvat, Head of Talent Operations, at hiring platform Toptal, explains how companies can find blockchain engineers, and how engineers can become blockchain experts.


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