Is Puerto Rico ready to be the next blockchain utopia?

Puerto Rico has had a difficult couple of years. Its economy has been in dire straits and last year Hurricane Maria devastated the island. The government faces a tough task in rebuilding its economy, but it is amid this backdrop that entrepreneurs are trying to craft a tech scene on the US commonwealth island with mixed results.

Blockchain in particular is on the radar of the island’s economic officials. The technology is very much a buzzword right now and regulators across the world are grappling with the best way to embrace it while also regulating it. It’s a delicate balance that a few countries and regions are leading the way in, but no one has perfected yet.

Puerto Rico has now established an advisory council, made up of public and private entities, with the stated aim of making Puerto Rico a go-to destination for blockchain startups and developers.

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Generally, Puerto Rico has been looking for ways to attract new investors to buoy the disaster-struck island, whether this is traditional investors or new crypto ones. In February, the island hosted its annual investment summit, which saw among the usual hedge fund managers, the arrival of new faces touting all things cryptocurrency.

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