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‘Digital Transformation’ is one of the buzz phrases of our time and you hear it whenever business and technology conference delegates gather. But what is set in stone and what’s still up for grabs? Is Digital Transformation just a fad or is it something more substantial?

Here’s everything you need to know.


Digital transformation basics

Digital Transformation: A ‘make or break’ challenge

Digital transformation is a buzz-term today but what exactly is it and how should companies address it?

What we know and don’t know about digital transformation

Everybody’s talking about digital transformation but what do we actually know about it?

Mingis on Tech: The reality behind 'digital transformation'

Just what does 'digital transformation' mean?

“Digi-washing”: The truth about digital transformation

How many companies are really undergoing digital transformation? And what will it take to make it really happen?


Transforming business

Artificial Intelligence at work

Improvements to AI will lead to a transformation of the workplace.

A new way of gathering information

CIOs discuss analyst firms and their worth in a digitally transforming world.

What do businesses need to understand about Mixed Reality?

A discussion on where Mixed Reality is headed and its role in digital transformation.


Use cases around the world

Virtual Reality at BP

Training in the virtual world is helping BP to remain safe and efficient in the real world.

CA Technologies Transformation

How a 40-year-old tech company continues to progress and stay relevant.

Dell sees route forward in digital transformation     

Dell Technologies, the latest IT megacorp, could be a good fit for companies transforming IT.

Box CEO: Transformation is more than putting software on top of traditional business models

Aaron Levie’s company joins the digital transformation bandwagon.

Real Madrid leads football’s rush to digital transformation

Elite soccer giants are leaning on digital tools to get more money from, and engagement with, fans.

The Middle East presents a vast digital transformation opportunity

The Middle East may lag behind on digital transformation initiatives but it could catch up soon.


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