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The key to meaningful innovation lies with relevance

Recent decades have seen technology undergo a consumer revolution, with hardware and software constantly being developed to minimize complexities in our home lives. However, technology in the workplace hasn’t kept pace and the majority of employees now experience a significant gap in the simplicity and innovation between their home and work devices.

Such a lack of innovation seems to be at odds with the panic that currently exists within organizations to fully adopt a digital-first strategy. However, future-proofing your business requires more than just paying lip service to industry buzzwords and, as the future of work increasingly becomes a discussion point, it’s high time business executives start to nail down just what this might mean in practice.


Employee experience is the key to future company success

A number of C-Suite roles have seen their responsibilities shift dramatically in response to changing business needs and Chief HR Officers have not been exempt from this overhaul. As their scope of responsibility broadens, these new CHROs have been tasked with accelerating business performance by marrying together digital transformation and employee experience. As a result, HR is increasingly functioning as the driver of change within the enterprise as CHROs adopt a more strategic approach to advancing corporate goals and enabling innovation.

Pat Wadors, Chief Talent Officer at ServiceNow, argues that it is this employee experience which will be the key to the future success of any company. The current gap between the desired experience and what is currently on offer to employees hasn’t changed significantly in recent years meaning there is now increased emphasis being placed on designing and optimizing technology so that employees have the best possible tools available. “For employees, the workplace will become more personalized, predictive and seamless. Their needs will be met through consumer-like digital interactions.”

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