Threat and Vulnerability Management

A buyer's guide to six top IT alerting and incident management tools

Amidst the chaos of a major incident, established major incident processes are supposed to help pull in people and resources as you discover new issues on the path toward resolution. But major incidents occur with frightening regularity and can send all your carefully choreographed processes into chaos. Even for the seasoned IT manager, these conditions can be overwhelming.

But when it comes to choosing an IT alerting and incident management solution to manage the process, how can you be sure which one is right for your business?

IT Central Station has collated the opinions of real tech users to produce this new, independent report that rates the top six IT alerting and incident management solutions based on product reviews, ratings, and comparisons.


Rating the top IT alerting and incident management tools

IT Central Station included six IT alerting and incident management vendors in this buyer’s guide, Everbridge, OpsGenie, PagerDuty, Send Word Now, VictorOps and xMatters. The solutions are evaluated based on product reviews, ratings and comparisons to other solution providers. Each vendor included in the report is accompanied by a sample list of its customers, its top comparisons and a breakdown of the industries and company size the majority of their reviewers originate from.

Each solution included in the report is accompanied by a sample of its customers and top competitors. All the reviews are from real, authenticated users, and posted in the 24 months prior to publication. The reviews cover four key topic areas - the most valuable features of the solution, the improvements it made to the users’ organization, how the solution could be improved upon, and where relevant, its pricing, set up cost and licensing fee.


Based on tens of thousands of comparisons and dozens of bespoke reviews this short report offers unbiased feedback on the most widely used IT alerting and incident management tools in the marketplace today.



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