Asia-Pacific: Highlights 2014

Here at IDG Connect we have a wide network of journalists across the globe and over the last 12 months have covered stories on Cambodia, Mongolia and Thailand, in addition to a large number of articles on India, New Zealand, China and Australia.

Below is an A-Z snapshot of some of the information we have published. 

Australia: Huawei Finds Even Money Can't Buy It Love

APAC: Leads Mobile World... From Wearables to CEO Healthchecks

Cambodia: Digitising the Khmer Language

China: The Supercomputer Prowess Is Part of a Greater Plan...

Hong Kong: Tech & the Streets in Protests

India: A Digital Cloud for Everyone

India and Italy: Two Sides of the Technological Divide

India: 15 Future eCommerce Giants?

India: Remote ‘Fridge’ Tech Chills Milk in Rural Areas

India: Startup Helps Rural Farmers Via SMS

India: How a $35 Tablet Aims to Supply Tech for All

India: Surveillance Needed to Help Protect Women

Indonesia: Swings & Roundabouts for New Economy

Malaysia: ICT Revolution in the Footsteps of the Samurai...

Mongolia: The Wolf Cub Begins to Howl

New Zealand: The Rise, Fall and Rise of Kim Dotcom

New Zealand: Patchy Answers to Broadband Demand

New Zealand: Xero Growth Rate Brings Chances and Challenges

Pakistan: Freelance Economy Disrupts Unemployment

South Korea: Why Does it Have the Fastest Internet?

Taiwan: Can The Tech Giants Adapt and Survive?

Thailand: The Online Anti-Coup

Vietnam: Growth, Optimists… Not a MINT


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