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G(in)DPR: Five gins to drink with these GDPR white papers

We here at IDG Connect have been overrun with stories and commentary about the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It’s enough to turn us to the bottle.

But there’s nothing to say we can’t be helpful and make a terrible pun at the same time. So, here’s a list of useful GDPR-based white papers to help you get your head around this legislation, coupled with some nice gins we like to drink to put us at ease.


one-ginDrink one:

A New Dawn for Data Privacy

Complying with the European General Data Protection Regulation

First up, a couple to ease you in. Symantec’s infographic outlines the key points to bear in mind, while Quest’s guide give an overview of the key provisions of the regulation.

With these two papers, we’d recommend Jensen's Old Tom Gin. Distilled in Bermondsey, London, it’s an old recipe and about as close as you can get in taste to how gin was when it first became popular in London during the mid-1800s.


cuc-ginDrink two:

Information Insight for GDPR Compliance

Simplifying GDPR Compliance

This two parter from HPE aims to provide simple, actionable points for achieving GDPR compliance as well as helping to reduce the risk it poses to your business.

With these papers, move on from old London to something more modern. Langley’s No. 8 is made from eight secret botanicals and 100% English grain.


reg-ginDrink three:

The General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR: A Pocket Guide

Gemalto’s GDPR eBook answers a few FAQs about the incoming legislation, while DataStax mis-leading ‘pocket guide’ is actually a lengthy 93-page guide to help you get on the way to being compliant.

Since this is all about Europe, why not go for European gin? Hernö is one of the leading distilleries in Sweden, and its Navy Strength offering (57%) will help you conquer any rough seas of compliance.


red-ginDrink four:

Digital Clarity Group: Get Ready for the GDPR

New EU Data Policies Will Deeply Affect Multinationals: Get Ready for the GDPR [Webinar]

These two pieces from OpenText look at how GDPR could affect your business and the conversations you have with your partners and vendors, as well as how it can be used as an opportunity. One is a webinar, but you might end up getting through the whole bottle if you start too early.

For this, why not branch out beyond Europe? GDPR affects every company in the world that does business in Europe, after all. Death’s Door gin from the American Midwest uses only three botanicals – juniper berries, coriander and fennel – where some blends use up to 40. But it still packs plenty of flavour.


orange-ginDrink five:

Focus on Five High-Priority Changes to Tackle the EU GDPR

GDPR Readiness – part 2 – it’s a major transformational project

This double shot from Software AG highlights the most important aspects of GDPR to focus on first – useful if you’re behind schedule – and warns against simply buying against a bunch of random solutions and hoping for the best.

If you’re feeling super flush, or fancy treating yourself after finally becoming GDPR compliant, why not go for the Japanese-styled Watenshi. At £2,000 [$2,600] a bottle, it’s the world's most expensive gin. But you’ve worked hard and you deserve it. Boasting “notes of sweet citrus and spice, supported by bitter juniper”, it even comes in a hand-blown glass decanter. Don’t forget to choose a good tonic though.


mocktailNon-alcoholic bonus:

For the EU's new data protection regulation, encryption should be the default

This last paper looks at the role – and importance of – encryption when looking at GDPR compliance.

For any of you who don’t drink, how about a nice mocktail? We recommend making a Summer Berry Punch: blend strawberries, water, sugar, and lemon juice, then pineapple juice and ginger ale, then chill.


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