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Like most career paths, a career in tech can present many questions, from how best to train for a tech career, to how to succeed in that career, and the best ways to climb the ladder. That’s not to mention questions surrounding industry diversity, the stereotypes IT workers face, or the IT skills gap. But, do these questions really matter if all our jobs are going to be stolen by robots anyway??

Here’s everything you need to know about tech careers.


IT skills and training


Blockchain skills are in high demand

Blockchain is here to stay and will prove a valuable skill for tech professionals.

Programming languages to avoid learning in 2018

Why you probably shouldn’t be learning Dart, Objective-C, or Coffeescript this year.

Q&A: Mainframe skills just as important as AI talent

Why are companies still not providing IT staff with the level of training they need?

Women in tech careers

How the #MeToo campaign is encouraging women to seek a career in tech.

Could military veterans stop the cybersecurity skills shortage?

A look at why ex-military professionals may be the future of cybersecurity.

Female tech leader suggests girls must be pushed into STEM

Entrepreneur, Monica Eaton-Cardone, believes education holds the key to eliminating tech’s gender bias.

Critical lack of skills could be the biggest security challenge

How the industry is gradually responding to the cybersecurity skills shortage?

Is a talent shortage undermining diversity?

Companies must remain committed to ensuring diversity even as they struggle to find talented individuals.


Making your career work for you


Expert advice on how to succeed in your tech career

Exclusive ebook offering practical advice from c-suite professionals on how to progress your career in the technology industry.

Three things (potentially) holding back your IT career

These recurring career issues hinder many IT professionals.

The rise of the introvert: Is there an IT personality?

IDG Connect looks beyond the cliché of the ‘introverted’ IT geek…

IT Careers: Success vs. bullying

We discuss the link between rampant careerism and workplace bullying.

Carl-Manuel Brachet wants to find jobs for CEOs

CEO of new cloud service Hyper, Carl-Manuel Brachet, aims to make it easier for the C-suite to find roles.


Looking ahead: Workplace of the future


Preparing for Generation Z

A look at how Gen Z could impact the tech industry in Africa.

The jobs of the future

How to prepare for the jobs in tech that don’t exist yet.

Why programmers are learning new languages

With new programming languages gaining popularity, programmers who don’t adapt, won’t survive.

Office 2021: Why robots won’t end drudgery or steal our jobs

How the automated office of the future may lead to robot colleagues and more baristas but not fewer jobs.

What will the workplace of 2026 look like?

In this short online report, we collate the views of experts to discover how workplaces are likely to change over the next decade.


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