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Space poll: Alien fears & Branson vs. Musk for 'President of Space'

Suddenly space is all over the news again. Media outlets are screaming about the new ‘commercial space race’. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson are all leaping into the fray. And that does not even include the David Bowie influence. But what do IT professionals – who love a spot of sci-fi – think of it all?

When we polled a small straw sample of 43 global IT professionals for their views on space tourism we discovered: the majority (79%) think the new commercial space race is a good thing, 93% would like to go into space, while 62% believe sci-fi is coming true.

In fact, 74% think space tourism will be normal in 10 – 25 years. And although nearly half (49%) didn’t buy into any space president theories, if there is going to be one, it looks like Elon Musk and Richard Branson might be neck and neck… with Jeff Bezos trailing miserably behind.

Of course, there are some negative elements to space tourism like: cost (79%), danger and potential death (37%), long training (30%) and um… fear of aliens (14%).

Although one respondent did say: “Finding aliens would be a plus - I hope that tourists wouldn't get charged more if this happens.”

But it isn’t all flippant stuff. As one individual succinctly put it: “Tourism can fund space exploration. It just needs enough infrastructure to get the costs down and safety up. The technology to get off the earth cheaply is not yet there but it will come…”

While another concluded: “With the more people getting into space, hopefully the fact that we are all currently living on this tiny planet, will bring us all closer together.”



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