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InfoShot: Where's safest to store your data?

Where once the Cloud was some impenetrable mass hidden away in some unknown datacentre, today IT managers want to know exactly where their data is stored. While some laws make it mandatory to store data within local borders, for everything else you want a cloud location that is safe, stable, and privacy-friendly.

To that end, Swiss hosting provider Artmotion has created a new report, Data Danger Zones, outlining the most and least safe places you can store your data. The report looked at a variety of risk factors – including political instability, corruption, risk of natural disasters, quality of infrastructure, risk of internal conflicts, and risk of terrorism – and rated each country accordingly.

Unsurprisingly, Switzerland and Singapore were rated as the safest countries for data privacy and storage by virtue of their “independent privacy legislation and political stabilities”. Other countries at the super-safe end of the spectrum include the Nordics, Taiwan, Korea, Portugal, and New Zealand. While still relatively low risk, the likes of the US, Canada, Germany, and Australia all failed to make the top 15.

“It’s clear that a lot of nations – including those in Europe – are not doing enough to protect privacy and individual’s data rights,” said CEO Mateo Meier.

At the other end of the scale, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Burundi were rated as the riskiest places to store data – but the report does concede few IT managers generally choose these locations. Almost all of Africa, India, China, Russia, and large swatches of Latin America were classed as high risk.



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Dan Swinhoe

Dan is a journalist at CSO Online. Previously he was Senior Staff Writer at IDG Connect.

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