Start-ups vs. big banks: What is the future of money 2026?

Not so long ago we all used cheques and queued for the bank in our lunchtime, while services like PayPal and Apple Pay were totally unimaginable. Things have changed rapidly. But how are they likely to develop over the next decade?

Well, to find out we crowdsourced opinion on the future of money in 2026. In total we had 28 professionals come forward with nearly 20,000 words of comment. These answered general open ended questions about: how ordinary people will handle money differently in 10 years; the changes for businesses; security concerns of the future; along with what might prove surprising and what is not getting covered enough on the topic.

Our responses offered very divided views on what the future might look like for money. So in the end, in order to do the best justice to the diverse range of material, we decided to compile some of the most interesting comments into a short online report.

This has been broken down into five sections published below:

  1. How will ordinary people handle money differently in 2026?
  2. What about the role of banks?
  3. What about the role of cryptocurrencies?
  4. What will all this mean for security?
  5. What will financial change mean for business?


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