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InfoShot: Hollywood Watch out - Apple's apps are bigger!

Some may call January the gloomiest month of the year but it certainly wasn’t gloomy for Apple. According to The Telegraph, Apple customers spent nearly half a billion dollars on apps and in-app purchases during the first week of January. New Year’s Day was the busiest day in the App Store’s history.

But that’s not all.

Now it seems that Apple’s app store is an even bigger business than Hollywood. At least, this is according to new figures released by Asymco’s Horace Deidu who compared figures from the two industries. In a press release, Apple announced app developers had earned $10 billion in 2014. Hollywood also took $10 billion in box office revenues.

Dediu admits that Hollywood’s revenue stream is a little more complicated than just the U.S. box office but it’s the same story with the App Store. Dediu wrote: “Apps economy includes Android and ads and service businesses and custom development. Including all revenues, apps are still likely to be bigger than Hollywood.” The app economy sustains more jobs with 627,000 iOS jobs in the US vs 374,000 in Hollywood.



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