InfoShot: US Tech Firms Lobbying Spend [Updated]

2013 was a record year for computer and internet company spending on lobbying in the US, and 2014 is looking set to continue that trend. A couple of months back we created a graphic to show how last year’s spending compared to the first six months of 2014, and now the figures for Q3 are out, we’ve updated our graphic to reflect the new numbers.

Advertising, privacy, cybersecurity, patents & IP, tax, immigration, energy, drones, and mobile payments are all issues the tech industry want to influence on Capitol Hill. Google was again the biggest spender; the search giant spent slightly less than it did in in the previous quarter - $3.94million in Q3 compared to $5.30million in Q2 – but more than this time last year.

Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Dell, EMC, Accenture and Yahoo have all increased their spending compared to this time last year: Facebook has already surpassed its lobbying spend compared to all of last year, while the rest all look likely to surpass last year’s figures by Q4.

Microsoft, historically one of the biggest spenders in this area, was one of the few companies to actually decrease its spending from this time last year, down by a quarter to $1.66 million. It seems a lot of the other legacy enterprise companies are also cutting back: Other companies reducing lobbying spend compared to this time last year are SAP (down 41%), IBM (28%), Intel (23%), Cisco (18%), and Oracle (12%). There are plenty of other companies also spending money on lobbying including the likes of McAfee, Samsung, Cognizant, Salesforce, Symantec, Xerox, Twitter, Huawei, CA, AMD, Uber, but most of the figures are around or below the $1 million mark.



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