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North America: Highlights 2015

Silicon Valley tends to draw the most attention in the tech community but we proudly like to look at the most over-looked parts in the US. This year we covered a wide range from Miami’s facial analysis startup to how a Kansas American football team is adopting tech mouthguards.

In one of his last ever interviews, the late SurveyMonkey CEO, Dave Goldberg answered a multiple choice survey for us. Then we met the man who invented email, and design critic Don Norman shocked the design community by slamming Apple for emphasising appearance over ease-of-use.

We also covered a bunch of topical stories, looking back at eBay, the Dell-EMC deal and more. See below.


Senior interviews

SurveyMonkey CEO answers a multiple-choice survey
“It seemed a good idea” - Meet the man who invented email
The Wiki Man: Jimmy Wales on Africa, driverless cars and robotic pizza
The rise, fall and rise again of CNET founder Halsey Minor
Design guru Don Norman slams Apple’s ease-of-use ‘disservice’
Exclusive: Michael Dell interview


Topical interviews

90 important cultural sites preserved in 3D
AI in Art: Can a computer be an art critic?
Autodesk looks to become the Android of 3D printing
Viewpoint: Why we need voice biometrics
Microsoft is done playing catch-up with AWS
Deep learning in diagnostic healthcare: The future?
Augmented Reality: Consumers, gorillas and unicorns
Yonomi, Logitech & the future of connected homes


Regional spotlights

Kairos: Miami facial analysis startup with big acquisition plans
Pittsburgh: A ‘Silicon Strip’ in the former ‘Steel City’
Colonial Williamsburg: A historic, immersive, digital world
Nebraska: ‘Online high school’ to boost graduation rates
Montana: The rural American revolution fuelled by tech
University of Wisconsin: The forefront of water tech?
“Game changing” tech to curb forest fires in Oklahoma
Grand Sky: America’s first drone airport in North Dakota
Ron Bianchini on starting businesses in Pittsburgh
Texas: Cowboys on the frontier of tech innovation
Sunshine & tech in the North Carolina Triangle
Kansas American football team adopts tech mouthguards


Topical stories

Dell-EMC: What happens next and how will rivals respond?
20 years of eBay: Where does it go from here?
Is Apple better or worse without Steve Jobs?
Zoltan Istvan: Science & tech could eliminate death by 2030
Commercial drone flights: Poor rules, NASA, & the future
Nov 5th fiction: Cybercrime, treason & plot at the White House
“Virtual Assistants”: Where is customer service heading?
Could tech detect workplace liars?
The final days of user names and passwords
GE sees robotics, data shaping a new industrial Internet of Things
iCondemn: A fake Muslim app to raise awareness


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