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"Digi-washing": The truth about digital transformation

Digital transformation, like many of the buzzwords and phrases in IT, has a disingenuous feel to it. But while terms such ‘big data’ and ‘cloud computing’ have been used to market existing IT products in new ways, digital transformation isn’t about specific technologies or products, it is about a process of change.  

And this is why it is interesting, because unlike the ‘big data’ and ‘cloud’ products touted by huge technology heavyweights such as Amazon and Microsoft, digital transformation is a term being used by the customer of these technologies, marketing themselves as a company that is still relevant today.

However, while it is acceptable for companies to state that they’re undergoing digital transformation, only a small proportion of companies actually are. This is according to Mike Bracken, Partner at Public Digital, the organisation that transformed digital delivery for the UK government, and is currently working with other governments and organisations to do the same.

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“Only a small fraction of companies truly have the desire to change, and most of those that do, have some form of crisis or impending market change,” he says.

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Sooraj Shah

Sooraj Shah is a freelance technology journalist whose key focus is on how IT leaders are transforming their organisations using emerging technology. 

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