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What can we learn from tech initiatives in the Middle East?

The Middle East is becoming renowned as a technology hub, with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) one of several nations focusing strongly on technological innovation. A number of key initiatives put into motion by the federation of emirates look set to drive technology, with digital transformation taking off in key sectors including government, banking, transportation and healthcare.  

This includes the federation’s Vision program, which aims to put it at the forefront of global trade and innovation as well as reducing its dependency on oil.

“The UAE government considers technological advancement as a key driver for future development,” says Graham Hunter, VP of certification and skills at tech association CompTIA. “It believes that growth and sustainable development based on pioneering technological advancements will pave the way for the UAE to be a world leader in all areas of quality of life.

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“It looks to exploit technology as a way to inspire the kind of innovation that will solve many of the unique issues currently faced in the UAE. Renewable energy and driverless cars, for example, will resolve particular population issues while ensuring that the UAE is one of the biggest players in the industry.”

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