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India: Highlights 2013

For a long time now, the international media has been stuffed full of stories about how India is failing… and the rupee’s crash this Summer only made matters worse. Yet a report we published last December, based on insight from the ground painted a very different picture.  

Over the last 12 months we have pursued this theme and since 10th September have been running weekly interviews with local professionals to gauge internal perceptions on IT and the future of India.  Here is some of the editorial we have published:


- Overviews -


Indian Outsourcing Slows Down

Shortage of Computer Owners in High-Tech India

How the Indian Technology Revolution Changed Everything

The Indian Start-Up Scene

Dickensian India: Slums, High Tech & Mission to Mars


- Interviews -


NetApp President: Jugaad and CIOs

Cisco CIO: Indian and US Corporate Differences

Unilog Content Solutions VP: Products vs. Services?

Brinda S. Narayan: How Call Centres Impact Society

Social Wavelength CEO: How Indians Use Social Media?

eMudhra CEO: Digital Banking Identities in India


We will be creating a series of new reports on India in early 2014. Drop Kathryn Cave a note if you would like to contribute.


- Most innovative Indian start-ups 2014 -

We want to pull together a list of India’s most innovative start-ups. Would you like to nominate an organisation you feel should be considered? You will simply need to state the name of the start-up, what it does, along with an overview of what makes it so special. Please use this simple form.


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