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Global: Highlights 2013

This year we have revamped our website and vastly increased our global editorial coverage. This has included a big focus on: up-and-coming companies; how consumer tech is transforming healthcare; the changing role of the CIO; women in IT…. and final proof that IT professionals really do love sci-fi. Our Editorial Director, Martin Veitch also writes regular ‘News Snapshots’ and ‘Friday Rants’ and we have started new two new series’: ‘Typical 24’ and ‘Crowdsourcing’.  Here are some highlights:


- Top interviews -


Alibaba Defines the New Face of eCommerce

Box CEO Aaron Levie Is Building an Enterprise B2B Powerhouse out of Cash and Chutzpah

Hadoop Latecomer Hortonworks No Longer Hears a ‘Who?’

Mimecast’s Next Trick: Unlocking Unstructured Data

Workshare Has Box and Dropbox in its Sights


- “Typical 24”: What do global professionals do all day? -

Cloud Strategist: Justin Pirie, Mimecast

Director of Data Science: Sean Owen, Cloudera

Director of Consulting Services: Dave Lerch, Flexera Software

Manager of Applied Research: Adrian Schofield, Joburg Centre for Software Engineering at Wits University

Managing Director: Simon Edelstyn, Outbrain


- Popular topics -

Product Review: Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5

PCs Are Dead, Long Live the Tablet

Global Malware Storm

‘Workaholism’: Is More Than 50 Hours’ Work a Week Damaging Your Health?

The Future Is Here, So Where Are The eBooks?

A Fridge, Car Windows and iChastity Belts

The Transformation of Mobile Africa

We Need More Autistics In Tech

The Developing Role of the CIO, and Why It's Changing the Way We Do Business

Apple: The Legacy of Steve Jobs’ ‘Inspirational’ Leadership


- Interesting stories -

A Seminal Panic about Defence IT: The Marconi Scam, 1913

A Young Syrian on Building a Start-up Amid Civil Strife

Could Your Government Switch Off The Internet?

Datacentre series: US, APAC, Europe

Does Wearable Tech Have A Place In The Enterprise?

Is Today’s Data Scientist 1995’s Webmaster?

IT and SciFi Cross Fertilization

Phone Charging Shoe Hits Market in Kenya

Shadow IT Threatens CIOs as Biz-Tech Relationship Changes

When Crowdfunding Gets Sinister


- News comment from our Editorial Director, Martin Veitch -

Split Up Microsoft to Regenerate a Great Company

Alibaba.com Is eCommerce and the Supply-Chain’s New Google


- ‘Friday Rants’ -

An A-Z of Technology’s Idiot Lexicon

Conference Nonsense Hell

Tired Old London Needs to Smarten Up

Slebs and Tech Make a Rum Cocktail


- Reports -

20 Red Hot, Pre-IPO Companies in 2014 B2B Tech

Robots, Tablets & Social Media: The Impact of Consumer Technology on Healthcare

Data Sovereignty

Global Big Data 2013

Women in IT: Does the Shortage Matter?

Minds Behind the Machines: Skills, Progression and Leadership


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