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Could a machine choose your next hire?

In Chile, one job recruitment company, AIRA, is using artificial intelligence to help make hiring decisions based on emotion analytics. The company has created a system that publishes vacancy announcements in the most widely used recruitment websites. It then reads and ranks all résumés, applies psychometric tests and conducts video interviews with applicants, and assesses the applicants’ performance with emotion analytics, which translates their attention levels and facial expressions into numbers. "At the end of this short process, human recruiters can focus their scarce time on conducting in-depth interviews with the best qualified candidate,” according to an Accenture report. Are machines becoming the deciding factor in new hires?

The simple answer is yes. The use of machine-driven recruitment processes is increasing as artificial intelligence evolves and becomes more sophisticated. There are already companies around the world looking at how AI and other technologies can not only make the hiring process easier but also ensure a better fit between candidate and company.


How is AI changing the hiring process?

London-based AI recruitment platform Elevate Direct, for example, uses cutting-edge machine learning techniques to provide decision support for recruiters and hiring managers. The company provides a ranked list of relevant candidates for a given job, enhancing the productivity of the recruitment process by up to 2.5x, according to CEO Dan Collier.  

Realistically, artificial intelligence is not actually all that intelligent - at least, not yet. Artificial lack of intelligence: how smart is AI really?

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