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Is the influence of Gartner, IDC and Forrester on CIOs waning?

‘Pay to play’ was the accusation from network software vendor NetScout of analyst house Gartner back in 2014.

The tech company believed that its low placement in Gartner’s magic quadrant in March 2014 had proven that Gartner was “not independent, objective or unbiased” and that “its business model was extortionate by its very nature”. Essentially, it alleged that the three companies that received better placements in the quadrant were substantial spenders with Gartner.  

The case took a number of years in pre-trial processes, with Netscout claiming that the Magic Quadrant placing harmed its enterprise sales. Then in September this year, Gartner’s request to dismiss the case was granted in its entirety.

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In a stern statement, the company said it wasn’t “pay for play”.

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