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New Research: Are All IT Professionals 'Introverted Geeks'?

The Channel 4 comedy show, ‘The IT Crowd’ pretty much nailed the cliché about IT professionals. Set in the dingy basement of an extremely successful London company, the two main technicians were presented as socially inept geeks, ignored and considered losers by the rest of the staff.

These are the “standard nerds” we all hear about. One boasts an in-depth technical knowledge but is rubbish at anything in everyday life, while the other only knows how to express his personality through the wearing of different t-shirts. The show proved so ludicrously popular that local versions were released in both the US and Germany.

Irrespective of your perspective, none of this should come as any surprise. After all people love to pigeonhole each other. Whether this is by their job, where they live or their level of education. And to be honest, there is always an element of truth in these parodies.  But to what extent are these stereotypical views of IT professionals correct?

Back in March we ran an article, Introverts vs. Extroverts in Tech which gained an extremely strong reaction from our audience. In fact, I probably received more personal emails on that subject than any other single theme we have ever run. It certainly seemed to strike a chord.

So, over the last few months we have attempted to investigate the topic of IT personalities in a bit more detail. We tracked down experts into the Myers-Briggs personality test. We conducted in-depth interviews with a number of IT leaders. And we ran a survey to 465 IT professionals which generated a range of detailed, first-person testimonials.

The new report, ‘Introverts vs. Extroverts: Is There an IT Personality?’, presents a summary of all these the findings. This presents: an overview of what introversion really is, analysis of what the most frequently occurring Myers-Briggs types are in IT, and insight into what all this might mean for the profession and its leaders.

There is always a grain of accuracy in the clichés… but here at IDG Connect we have had a concerted bash at getting to grips with how true the IT ones really are.


- Read the new research report


Kathryn Cave is Editor at IDG Connect


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