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The next wave of disruption: Graph-based machine learning

Machine learning (ML) is getting a lot of attention at the moment. This is partly because a slew of new companies are emerging which are using it in innovative ways. And partly because it can get easily subsumed into the fuss and furore about AI and the rise of evil robot intelligence. Graph technology, on the other hand, is something which takes more of a back seat and yet, in a lot of ways, also sits at the forefront of the big data and analytics movement. 

“We firmly believe is that it's at the intersection of machine learning and graph technology where the next evolution lies and where new disruptive companies are emerging,” says Ash Damle, Founder and CEO at Lumiata which helps healthcare organisations makes predictions.

“It's only recently that companies can use graph at true scale and, now, by integrating with ML, we're moving much more into a core understanding of artificial intelligence, deep neural networks and image recognition.”


So, in the simplest terms what are these two technologies?

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