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Global: Highlights 2014

Over the last 12 months we’ve been publishing more and more content. This has included plenty of regionalised articles, an impressive volume of CEO interviews and topical snapshots from our editorial director, Martin Veitch, along with a wide range of ongoing series. In fact our staff writer, Dan Swinhoe has done an especially sterling job this year with his weekly Crowdsourcing Innovation and Politicians Talk Tech interviews. Some particular highlights are listed below…


Industry figures:

Sugata Mitra: What the Slumdog Guru Did Next

Guy Kawasaki: Apple Legend Talks IT, CMOs & Canva

Scott McNealy: Upset by America but Unbowed Still Rages...

Christopher M. Schroeder: Innovation in the Middle East

Red Hat CEO is Flying High

Tableau CEO Rewrites Data Analysis Rulebook

BT Services CEO Sees a New World of Opportunity


Important innovators:

Spreadsheet Inventor Dan Bricklin on a Life in Computing...

Ethernet Inventor Bob Metcalfe Still Rings the Changes

Tommy Flowers: The Forgotten Father of Computing?


Topical features:

Confused? A Bluffer’s Guide to the HP Schism

Technology Addiction: A 21st-Century Malady

Can This Pope-Backed Learning Platform Bring World Peace?

The Internet of Things: From Tasting Drinks to Tracking Pigs

Indian Smart Shoes Creator on Fashion & Wearables

Flower Speech in Myanmar

New Research: A ‘Tristram Shandy’ eBooks Revolution?

The Computerisation “Work Ethic”

Malaysia’s ICT Revolution in the Footsteps of the Samurai

Virtual Reality Addresses UK Kids’ Autism and Phobias

Francisco J. Vico and the First Computer-Musicians

My Life Using a Psion PDA in the 21st Century

Is Visual Search Ready to Revolutionise Retail?


Top 10 most popular pieces:

Introverts vs. Extroverts in Tech

Steve Jobs: The Tech Bully Poster-Boy

Is Bullying Rife in Tech?

Friday Rant: The Internet Is Broken

IT Careers: Success vs. Bullying

Apple: The Legacy of Steve Jobs’ ‘Inspirational’ Leadership... (published October 2013)

Leadership: Challenges for MBTI Confirmed Introverts

Living With 1990 Tech for a Day – Part 1

Where is Artificial Intelligence Heading?

Product Review: Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5 (published May 2013)



We have also published a full A – Z of tech in often overlooked countries around the globe.


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