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Middle East: Highlights 2015

This year the Islamic State became notorious for using various social media channels to recruit and spread violent messages. Andrew Braun provided a great overview of the various ways the IS uses technology to promote its cause. Then we looked at the emergence of brain technology in Israel and the growth of video games in the Middle East. Below are some of the highlights.


Can the ‘Wikipedia for Arabic’ spread the language online?
A sanctions-free Iran: The world’s biggest untapped market?
ISIS rampage: How can social media fight back?
Tech leader takes on Palestine-Israel ‘Mission Impossible’
The youth of MENA: Uneducated, unemployed & mobile savvy
Israel: An emerging brain tech centre
ICT and freedom in the Middle East: The best and worst
The politics of technology in the Islamic world
The state of science in Iran
The Islamic State online: ISIL’s many accounts
Video games in the Middle East (part 1): The road to 2015
Video games in the Middle East (part 2): Local talent


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