Internet of Things (IoT)

Everything you need to know about… IoT security

From cars to wearable tech, IoT is changing the way businesses, and individuals, go about their daily routines. But, as the Mirai malware attack proved, security often plays a back seat to commercial interests when it comes to IoT. This raises the question, just how serious is the IoT problem? And who’s responsible for IoT security – manufacturers or consumers?

Here’s everything you need to know.


IoT security basics

IoT security: How serious is the problem?

In IDG Connect’s IoT “time bomb” report, we consult a panel of 49 IoT security experts to provide some insight on what businesses need to know.

The Internet of Things: Some positives, several problems

This global report outlines what the most promising priorities should be with IoT, with particular focus on the idea of an Internet of Minds (IoM).


Beyond the basics: An IoT future

How the Internet of Things will create a jobs revolution

With cybercriminals taking advantage of lax IoT security measures, new jobs in the tech sector will focus on security.

IoT security and cars

With driverless cars expected to generate up to 4000GB of information a day, it’s important to keep that data secure.

The role of the Quantified Self in a corporate environment and what it means for IT

Are there effective security protocols in place to protect data collected from workplace wearables?

How a talent shortage is hampering IoT development

IoT security and IoT development take a hit due to a shortage of IoT professionals in the tech industry.


The c-suite talk IoT

How do mobile apps impact security in the industrial IoT?

We speak to Jason Larson, director of advisory services at IOActive, to discover how mobile apps impact security in the industrial IoT.

Consumers shouldn’t be responsible for IoT device security

Thibaut Rouffineau, Head of Devices at Ubuntu, says it’s time IoT manufactures take security seriously.

Why IoT security needs more focus on the backend

Trend Micro VP Rik Ferguson argues companies need to be more open about how devices communicate with their infrastructure.


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