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How is the PC not dead yet?

One of the recurring themes of the past several years has been the impending death of the PC. The IT press has been full of stories about how the PC was being superseded by newer devices such as smartphones and tablets. The talk was of millennials flooding into the workplace and refusing to be tied to a desk. Organizations that refused to adapt to a post-PC world would be snubbed by younger workers and left behind by the white heat of technology.

As is often the case, the reality has turned out to be much more nuanced than the simplistic picture painted by these stories. Look around a typical corporate office today and you will still see desktop and laptop systems very much in use, whether they are running Windows, Linux or are Apple Mac systems.

Instead, what has happened is that organizations and their workers are now typically operating multiple devices and platforms, with smartphones, tablets and PCs all being used alongside each other, for whatever task each platform is best suited to.

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“Employees are gravitating towards different devices in undertaking different tasks,” said Adam Holtby, senior analyst for Enterprise Mobility and Productivity at Ovum.

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Dan Robinson has over 20 years of experience as an IT journalist, covering everything from smartphones to IBM mainframes and supercomputers as well as the Windows PC industry. Based in the UK, Dan has a background in electronics and a BSc Hons in Information Technology.

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