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Everything you need to know about… Automation

Automation is simultaneously hailed as a solution to boring daily chores and a destroyer of jobs. In reality, of course, it’s not that simple. Workplace automation faces challenges, but the technology could provide a lot of solutions, and the robot scaremongering isn’t helping anyone.


Here’s everything you need to know.


Automation basics

The workforce must prepare for AI in the workplace

With menial tasks and non-routine jobs likely to be completed through robotics and process automation moving forward, physical employees must be ready.

Office 2021: Why robots won’t end drudgery or steal our jobs

How the automated office of the future may lead to robot colleagues and more baristas but not fewer jobs.

Are governments doing enough to regulate new tech?

With the rise of new innovations like AI, automation, and robotics, are governments capable of keeping this technology in check?

The thorny issue of automation across Latin America

How Latin America needs to respond to automation



Automation for security

How phishers phish

A look at the automation and standardization of phishing campaigns

Tim Roddy talks automated deception tech

Tim Roddy, VP of cybersecurity product strategy at Fidelis Cybersecurity, discusses the development of automated deception technologies for cyber defence. 


Preparing for the effects of automation

Engaging the Millennial workforce through automation

The key to driving millennial workforce engagement is to automate repetitive tasks and develop automated software bots to help with mundane jobs.

CA turns to AI, Analytics, and mainframes to stay young

In an attempt to stay relevant, CA sees its future relying on AI, especially within the realms of analytics and automation.

Are chatbots really transforming business?

Business are increasingly adopting chatbots as part of ambitious automation strategies, but is this approach transforming conventional business models?

Automation in agriculture

Tractor manufacturer John Deere on how automation is driving a revolution in the agriculture industry.

The rise of the robots (as a service)

An exploration of robotic process automation (RPA) as a business model.


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