Europe: Highlights 2014

Europe has 50 countries and roughly 225 languages spoken, but a lot of people forget just how diverse this continent is. Of course, there is a sharp divide between (relatively) wealthy Western Europe and all those former communist countries in the East.

All the tech stories are different though and over the last 12 months here at IDG Connect, we’ve tried to isolate how new technology is changing society across this rich and diverse landscape.


Regional features:

Bulgaria: Recreates its Past with an IT Startup Renaissance...

Finland: How Nokia Reacted to the iPhone

Eastern Europe: Gaming and Society

Germany: Google & the Stasi Legacy

Germany: A British Perspective on Berlin’s Tech Hub

Gibraltar: Net Gambling Niche Under Threat

Italy: Beppe Grillo & Internet Politics

Russia: Struggling Identity or Plain Censorship?

Russia: Can the Internet Help Curb Corruption?

Spain: Podemos & the Rise of the New Left Online

Turkey: The Rise of Privacy

Turkey: The Double-Edged Sword of Production


UK regions:

UK: The Modular Phone - Phoneblocks, One Year On

Belfast, UK: Draws on Carrots and Culture to Attract Tech Firms...

Bucks, UK: Bletchley Park, From Code-Breaking to Kids Coding...

Birmingham, UK: Digital City of the Future?

London, UK: Uber vrs. the Taxi Drivers

Newcastle, UK: Mines Data Seams

South Wales, UK: Cyber Security in the Once Ignored Valleys...



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