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Ask most people what’s moving fast in tech today and you will hear about wearables, smartphones, social networks, cloud, Big Data and security. But go inside the IT operations of organisations and you might well hear about the pace of change in the data centre.

VMware is perhaps the chief architect of change. Ever since it discovered a way to virtualise volume servers it has been possible for data centre chiefs to get more from their investments, increasing server utilisation to unprecedented heights. That opportunity was much needed as organisations have had to process, communicate and store more data than ever before, thanks to the rise of e-business, rich media and stringent governance rules.

It’s not just VMware though. Hardware has changed too with slim-line equipment and more energy-efficient multicore microprocessors and other components designed to save floor space and reduce power draw in order to reduce operating costs and maintain a ‘green’ energy-efficient footprint. This has been helped by low memory prices that let servers store more data in memory and by the rise of fast Flash solid-state storage.

And then there have been the internet giants. Google, Facebook, Yahoo and others had to reinvent data management for their own purposes. Their approaches and algorithms have become widely used by a new generation of data centre companies to accelerate ways in which huge datasets can be processed and routed.

Taken together, these trends have whipped up a perfect storm with a rush of data centre startups intent on changing the face of server rooms with their hardware and software. It’s a remarkable change that gives buyers the opportunity to speed up operations and it’s severely disrupting the giants that have for a long time dominated data centres.

To take a deeper dive into how data centres are changing, we commissioned an expert, Chris M. Evans, to report on twelve companies changing the data centre. Download this report now to find out who can revolutionise the way you treat your data.


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