How airports can take off with digital transformation
Digital Transformation

How airports can take off with digital transformation

With the International Air Transport Association (IATA) predicting traffic will double by 2036 reaching 7.8bn passengers globally, airports are turning to technology to improve processes and meet passenger expectations.

A recent report by analyst firm Frost & Sullivan noted that increased traffic and global capacity constraints will drive airport IT spending to US$4.63bn by 2023 and that digital transformation roadmaps are being drawn up to address key performance indicators across all areas of airport operation.

“Digital transformation is not a new trend, but it’s one that over the past few years has been driven by peer pressure and technological advancement – mainly through sensorization and IoT,” says Renjit Benjamin, Industry Analyst, Aerospace, Defense and Security, Frost & Sullivan. 

“We also find that digital transformation programs are becoming more strategic in nature – you will find an increasing number of airports hiring chief digital officers and separating the digital transformation function from the IT department. Airports link digital projects and investments with their corporate and business strategies, their strategic objectives and with their target performance. The end goal is to create agile organizations with a culture that fosters innovation.”

Technology has always played a critical role in airport operations but has traditionally been deployed as a solution to a challenge or as a response to a particular opportunity to increase revenue, reduce cost or improve the passenger experience. 

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