Cloudistics aims to trump Nutanix with 'superconvergence' play
Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Cloudistics aims to trump Nutanix with 'superconvergence' play

Reston, Virginia-headquartered Cloudistics is in some ways a successor or complement to Nutanix, the company that reinvented the datacenter space with so-called ‘hyperconverged' infrastructure by tightly integrating compute, storage and networking functions on appliance servers. While Nutanix continues very successfully to reinvent itself as a multi-cloud software company, Cloudistics is among the more interesting of a new generation of companies attempting to force their way into the datacenter private cloud.

The comparisons don't end there. Cloudistics (the name conflates ‘cloud' and logistics') describes itself as bringing the benefits of the public cloud to behind the enterprise firewall - that is, delivering the rapid deployment, low-admin, business flexibility and elasticity of resources with the governance protections and cost predictability of an on-premises (although co-location is an alternative) approach. That target audience is anybody who likes the premise of the public cloud model but finds the reality somewhat pricier and spikier than they might like; those that have experimented with cloud but then prefer to scale projects back at HQ would be included in this segment.

And here's another Nutanix connection: the company recently signed an OEM deal with Lenovo that will see the Chinese giant make Cloudistics available on its ThinkAgile CP Series servers. Lenovo is also an OEM for Nutanix, as are Dell EMC and IBM, such is the Game of Thrones tribal, political and partnering complexity in this area. Oh, and for good measure, Cloudistics CEO Najaf Husain was at AppAssure, a backup/recovery company acquired by Dell in 2012.

"Cloudistics has got something different about it and the difference here [compared to other OEM relationships] is we've taken an exclusive," says Grant Amos, product evangelist at Lenovo for the CP line.

Amos describes Nutanix as "great for VDI, not so much for database" and sees a future for Cloudistics that is distinct from that company.

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